A true end-to-end, scalable solution for producing and maintaining UCITS KIIDs.

Key Investor Information Document.

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Key Information Documents (KIDs) are documents designed to help investors to understand investment products behaviour and support comparison with other similar investment products.

It is a 2-page document containing the essential pre-contractual information to understand the nature and risks of each UCITS. The standardised format and information available in these documents are governed by the UCITS IV European Directive and PRIIPS European Regulation.

The content is crucial and needs to be disclosed in an harmonised standard format.

KIIDs require to be updated at least once per year during the annual update which takes place 35 business days from January 1st.

AlphaOmega provide a true end-to-end, scalable solution and comprehensive support for producing and maintaining UCITS KIIDs.

Our workflow covers data collection, calculations, SRRI monitoring, document production and filing at the regulator.

Our team checks and validates requisite data to ensure all static, dynamic and regulatory fund data is correct before starting the production process.

AlphaOmega confirm beforehand with clients all the important points such as the layout, font, logo, ongoing charges, SRRI and graphic chart aspects.

Here are the main steps followed for the UCITS KIID production:

We have the capacities to generate large volumes of documents in peak production periods.
Via our portal called DEC, our clients can monitor their production, review their status, communicate with our team and validate the final output.

AlphaOmega can also coordinate the translation process and localise in more than 20 languages.

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