Data management

AlphaOmega’s Data Management team works on a daily basis on the data
collection and management in order to ensure consistency in every report and publication.

The main objective is to allow funds’ distributors to only offer suitable products to investors and inform them on the cost structure of their investment.

The Data Management’s role is to collect, analyse, enrich, control and manage the different data
received from our clients, their fund administrations and/or any other counterparty.

They are also in charge of mapping the data so that they fit to our custom reporting solution and
making sure all the data necessary has been received before starting the production process.

Raw data can be sourced from any source in any format ensuring that every client’s format can be
integrated and treated.

AlphaOmega is totally flexible on the data exchange model and can adapt to
its clients’ preferred approach. It can be shared by email, SFTP or onto our client portal “DEC”.

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