The PRIIPs Regulation aims at generalising the UCITS KIID to most of the financial products offered to retail investors.

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It was first applied mainly to insurance products and derivative products sold to retail investors since UCITS funds already manufactured KIIDs for their funds.

This regulation proved difficult to implement in its initial version for such a large and diversified scope of products, ultimately resulting in a 3-years postponement of the application to UCITS, from January 1st 2020 to January 1st 2023.

Despite the extra time, several operational questions were not addressed in the last Regulatory Technical Standards and subsequent Q&A.

Our workflow covers data collection, calculations, SRI and scenarios monitoring, document production and filing at the regulator.

Our team checks and validates requisite data to ensure all static, dynamic and regulatory fund data is correct before starting the production process.

AlphaOmega confirms before hand with clients all the important points such as the layout, font, logo, ongoing charges, SRI and graphic chart aspects.

Here are the main steps followed for the UCITS KIID production:

Via our portal called DEC, our clients can monitor their production, review their status, communicate with our team and validate the final output.

The European PRIIPs Template (EPT)

The EPT includes the main information from the PRIIPs KID.

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It was created to allow manufacturers of packaged investment products – mainly insurers – to comply with the PRIIPs regulation while UCITS were exempted.

New update to a V2.0 (European Union only) and V2.1 (for funds also distributed in the United Kingdom) that will take into account the new PRIIPs Regulatory Technical Standards published officially in December 2021.

This new version accounts for the new PRIIPs methodologies and adds new fields to standardise the identification information between the different FinDatEx templates (EPT,EMT and EET).

Difference with PRIIPs KID:

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