Data Publication and Dissemination Service

AlphaOmega’s end-to-end process to disseminate and file on behalf of our clients.

Our Data Dissemination Solutions team can publish and disseminate all types of data and reports on behalf of our clients. We handle all day-to-day communication with the different media and regulators to ensure that your data and reports are available and up-to-date.

We handle the set up of new platforms, the switch of providers (mandates) and set up of new funds and shareclasses. AlphaOmega monitors the accuracy and consistency of the data/files published on different external data vendors or Media and proceed to Air Traffic Control.
We make sure that the transmitted data and the displayed data are the same.

AO‘s system is built to receive the dynamic data file from any sources at any time and frequency, integrate them into our database after passing automated controls, and send them out the platforms in their respective file format.

The system can be adjusted to handle any output of any media. Additionnally, they proceed to spot check if the static data is published on the platform and ensure the reliability of the data. Besides, automated loopbacks can be put in place in order to check the full scope on a recurring basis.

The Data Dissemination Services include the dissemination of:
Static Data / Dynamic Data / Documents / Portfolios (ex: Solvency II TPT)

Several controls are in place, such as:

  1. Static data match against the prospectus.
  2. Consistency, e.g. with
    • the portfolio
    • NET Asset Value of shares
    • Number of Shares
    • Total asset under (Share Class, the Compartment, the Fund)
  3. Exhaustivity: No missing NAV. 
  4. Automatic detection of new Share Classes in the feeds.
  5. Relevance of recipients against countries of registration: 
    • Which platforms make sense?
    • Distributors
  6. …and many more
See the current platforms AO is connected to

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