Data/document dissemination

AlphaOmega’s end-to-end process to disseminate and file on behalf of our clients.

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Our end-to-end process allows us to also disseminate and file on behalf of our clients.

Clients can benefit from a single point of contact, an open architecture and the guarantee that the static/dynamic data and documents are correctly sent through standardised tools.

AlphaOmega monitors the accuracy and consistency of the data/files published on different external data vendors or Media and proceed to Air Traffic Control. Moreover, AlphaOmega also makes sure that the transmitted data and the displayed data are similar.

AlphaOmega collects from any sources and format and handles the day-to-day communication with the external data providers, regulators and platforms.

AlphaOmega is connected to more than 20 platforms and can connect to any new one (free of charge) as per our client’s requirements.

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